About us

We invest in partnerships that aim to grow sustainable ideas with long term commitments not short term affairs.

AKHA in zulu means to grow, to create, to nurture.

AKHA in Zulu means to grow, to create, to nurture.

AKHA Ventures was conceived in London in 2020 under a global pandemic. Nowhere to go? Long walks, brainstorming and (re)design thinking!

We are a partnership with the venture capital fund manager Capital Lab Ventures bringing together their financial expertise with AKHA's know-how in driving sustainable ideas.

‚ÄčA completely change in patterns of behaviours, ways of life and consumption. A new path towards more sustainable businesses and innovations in the development of products and companies.

Redefining the categories that will shape the future and be the kings in a new world of possibilities is our core investment strategy.

We have a passion to support creative entrepreneurs and sustainable ideas with access to venture capital and knowhow of the network of AKHA's team of global C-Suit executives, investors and creative business designers.


We are a venture farm. A venture because we want to support entrepreneurs who believe that a good business is good for the business and a farm because we grow and nurture ideas like precious crops.

We believe a better world start with re-designing processes, way of working, way of measuring. We support those mavericks who ask themselves why why and why.

We believe in making sustainability profitable because the world need more successful sustainable companies and ideas.

We invest and support. We have experience in private equity, finance, marketing, supply chain, innovation, branding, design, content. We can just help entrepreneurs with financial support but we prefer to boost their ideas, make them stronger with our professional support, consultancy and ideas.

We believe business doesn’t have to be run in the same old way. We are at a crossroad of an epochal change and we want to help those who believe there is always a better way.