What we do

Venture Design
& Proprietary Capital

We invest and support entrepreneurs with the purpose to create great sustainable products and companies that can change the planet.

Seed Capital

We invest in creative ideas and entrepreneurs. We like to support companies to be started-up from scratch. We want to provide seed capital and managerial expertise for the inception of businesses.

Patient Capital

We invest and help companies with access to capital in the long run. We use our network and experience in the global capital market to provide long-lasting access to capital to our portfolio companies.

Private Credit

We provide credit using quasi-equity and convertible instruments to support companies in the finance of their R&D processes, products development and growth strategies.

Sustainable Design Thinking

We support start-up companies that aim to provide solutions to replace obsolete business models and products with sustainable ones that can ensure less waste, different consumption and different use. We have in-house expertise in sustainable design and sustainable thinking.